Food is life. Literally. Not only does food provide the life-sustaining nutrients we need to survive, but also the opportunity to increase the quality of our lives. As one of my favorite hip-hop artists put it “everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” So how does food help us live a more fulfilling life? In the olden days, health was considered: “a state free of disease.” Now, however; social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental factors may all contribute to a person’s feelings of health and wellness. And you better believe food fits right in with all of those categories! Whether you want food to enhance your performance, better your mood, regulate your sleep, improve your social status (dinner party anyone?), clear your skin, alleviate pain, or provide daily joy – please don’t tell me I am the only one that finds pure bliss from eating deliciously – food can help you! And that’s why I am here; writing this blog.

There’s a lot of conflicting data out there.There’s a lot of self-doubt in regards to the reality of adopting a nutritious lifestyle. And even worse there is a horrid misconception that eating nutritiously is HARD. My mission is to empower you (my wonderful readers) to make the healthy choice – the FUN choice. This blog will provide hard data and science, but also some personal experiences. I may adore food more than the average woman loves shoes, but I don’t always have it figured out. Everyday is a fun experiment to learn something new-whether it’s a new recipe, a new tip for dining out, something I learn at work, or something I pick up from my favorite show the TODAY show. Here, you will never find “don’t do this,” “avoid that,” “this is absolutely forbidden,” etc., because the best part about good nutrition is, everything fits. Nutrition is personal and doable, and I hope the least I can do here is educate and inform ya’ll to choose health and eat good food.


Dude’s got a point. No wonder we are all confused.


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