So it’s back to school for me. Which means less blogging, not that I do this regularly anymore, and more topics coming straight to you from my classroom. Because I am learning some cool stuff and I am excited to share.

Today’s topic is population interventions. No, that does not mean new forms of birth control or China like implications. It means, how can we change our environments to allow communities (populations) to be more active, healthy, nourished, etc? I am loving this concept lately. We tend to heavily focus on individual counseling and health education to better our health. Which I am all for. That’s what my career is, that’s how I spend my days. But I am getting really excited about this notion that making changes at a population level is more effective and, in this case, fun.

Have you heard of The Fun Theory campaign by Volkswagon? This is precisely the point I am making and what I want to get involved in . PAHLEASE check out these vids. I promise you will love them…

So aren’t they cute? I mean, there is the whole issue that none of these ideas are cost effective or really practical, but I want to take this to heart to make health practices more fun.

“Change things in order to make the right

                               behaviors easier to enact”

Thank you for indulging me in this non-nutrition topic. Next up. Why do Japanese live the longest. The answer has some nutrition involved…