V-Day on it’s Way

The other morning I caught a little bit of Good Things Utah (I’ve officially turned into a middle-aged house wife). Janae was a guest highlighting her totally healthy totally delicious Valentines truffles. I loved this recipe and all the good insights she had on raw foods. Check out the segment here. She is teaching a class on March 10 and I want to go, who’s coming with me!

Valentines Truffles; Courtesy of Janae:


1½ cup almond butter
½ cup cacao powder
2 Tbsp. coconut oil or cacao butter, melted
2 tsp. vanilla, almond extract, or other flavor extract
1 tsp. salt

Cacao nibs, Chopped nuts
Shredded coconut, Cacao powder

Mix all truffle ingredients together in a bowl until well combined. Refrigerate several hours until mixture becomes solid. Scoop out 1 teaspoon full at a time and roll into a ball. Put topping of choice in a bowl. Roll truffle in topping and coat well. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Can’t wait to make these bad boys for V-day.


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